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June 27, 2006
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A knight must never fear by MinnaSundberg A knight must never fear by MinnaSundberg
:: Please take a full view, because of... -oh noes! I dropped my candy and now I can't seem to find it! *cries ::

It was a lovely warm day, the air was filled with sun and the scent of the nearby forest and it seemed like all the birds around were singing: it was the first day of summer. The peaceful river-dragon Riarion was lazily lying in the waters, letting the oh-so-slow current wash away the waste warmth from its long, crystal-blue body. This seemed to be the only thing the dragon ever did, except for some occassional playing with the fish in the water. Rikarion was indeed a wery harmful dragon. But little did a knight from the Morningsun fields know about this, as he though he would claim a little bit dignity and the gratefulness of the adjacent willages by the swing of his sword. Although, I think he should had aimed for the nape of Rikarions neck instead...


Whee, I'm back from our summer cottage in middle Finland. I did absolutely nothing while I was there, If you don't count playing game boy with my younger brother and my ten years old cousin as "doing something".
Oh, and I don't think I've had a chance to tell this to anyone of you guys yet: I got in to Tölö Gymnasium, the only swedish upper secondary school in whole Finland that teaches art as the major subject! I'm so happy, I'll hug you. I guess I could had tried to get in to one of the Finnis art-schools since Finnish is my mother tongue, but I think I would have sucked in every theoretical subject since I don't know the Finnish definitions for... anything that you learn in school, really. Oh, and my first period schedule looks pretty easy too; I have 6 hours art a week and I have school only fron 8 to 10 on fridays, whoohoo.
The only bad thing with this scool so far is that it's so far from home and it's hard to find any buses that would take me close enough to walk the rest of the way. :<

Yeah, like anyone really read that. You don't have to, really, I'm just trying to notch up my English a bit during the vacation. ^__^'


By the way, Rikarion isn't the brightest dragon in the world, since he's looking for the knight under the stones in the river. Tsk.



40-50 h || Paint Shop Pro 9
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RAMENmanga-ka Sep 17, 2011  Student Filmographer
hahaha PHEW! that was CLOSE huh? lol LOVE the water u do! it's so great!
at first i coudnt see the knight....i thought the dragon had eaten him...then i read the description...and i saw him.....his expression is priceless
AleaIshikawa Apr 25, 2010
I love the depth of this picture, the weight of the helm with the taut feather, and the water dripping off the dragon's scales.

Run, bunnyknight, run!
He wants to take down a dragon with that toothpick? Don't bother digging a grave for him, there won't be anything left to bury.
So... very... awesome. I love the look on the bunny knight's face...
Arkiel-Pixie Feb 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
However, being a little concerned is perfectly acceptable for a knight.
No Fear ...jump out and slice in half like no other(literally)
KSchnee May 4, 2009  Student Writer
One other thing: At first I thought the knight was an otter, because of the brown fur and the water. That would've been nice, but I just happen to like otters. =)
KSchnee May 4, 2009  Student Writer
I really like this! There's a lot of detail, and the knight's expression says, "oh, man, now what do I do?"
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